Video PlaceHolder

Have you ever done something nice for a complete stranger for no reason at all? That’s a random act of kindness! We do random acts of kindness everywhere we go because we love helping people.

Have you heard of “paying it forward”? You know, where I help someone who then helps someone who helps someone who needed a miracle… The concept where one person touches hundreds of lives? We want that, we want it every day, and we want it now! Imagine the subtle changes in the lives of others 1 person can create, and now imagine that on a grander scale, I mean BIG… What if everyone did a random act of kindness every day? What would be noticeably different in society? These are questions that we want answers to, don’t you?

We became RAKStars because we know how to show some love, and we figured maybe you do too… A few bright Stars in the world to brighten someone’s day may just be enough to ignite the lights in all of us. That’s why we say we’re not just a company, we’re a movement, join us.